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Sofia Wilkman

Summer blues I, 14x21cm, 2019. Ink on paper.  Summer blues II , 14x21cm, 2019. Ink on paper.

On drawing

When I put myself to drawing I can feel how its both hard and easy at the same time. I enjoy working with the fluid ink, that presents so many different approaches and expressions. Thin lines, hard and crispy lines.., smooth and bold sweeping brushstrokes, firm contours, broken lines..

Drawing allows us to communicate at a very basic level, never putting up big obstacles when it comes to materials. I guess the hard part is to achieve a certain point where the picture is MORE than a drawing.

Once my teacher at the French art academy, Ecole des Beaux Arts, was very upset about my nude study. He claimed it was too academic. Another teacher asked why I never spoke.

From having, in early years, encountered many different attitudes as what it comes to drawing I now enjoy a certain freedom that I have decided to use. 



Ansioluettelo – Curriculum Vitae