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Born in Gdansk in 1971. A graduate and lecturer of the Painting division at Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts. From 2012, he is the Vice Dean of the Painting division. He is a visual artist; painter, draftsman, creator of spacial objects and multimedia installations as well as arts and theater performances . Initiator, curator, and organizer of exhibitions. The many achievements of his include collective shows at home and abroad, including in Turkey, the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Taiwan. Participant and winner of national and international competitions, as well as a scholar of the City of Gdansk.

Creation is a process that always begins in the mind of the creator and ends in the understanding of the recipient, on the way to the creation is the work, and anyone or anything in this relationship can not be avoided.

I build the interior to which the doors are closed, but I also build those that can be visited by traveling through more rooms. Some are massive like the walls of the castle and the others wobble and vibrate at the slightest gust of wind … sometimes I hear that I create a barrier that separates me from the recipient, but I also hear that let him do more than he wants; that he does not matter to me, or that there is too much familiarity between us … Both are right because explicitness is the enemy of art.

I also write directly on the pictures because I believe in the power, universality and effectiveness of communication that comes from the word. In my view, text is like photography – it attracts and freezes the time but when it coexists with pictures is releases and produces endless spaces of understanding.