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Marija Marcelionytė-Paliukė

There is very much of everything. There are many more images. Narrative stories created in the form of pictures have been evoking for me the association of cultural noise. I want a break, pause, qualitative selection. Creation of one more beautiful image, at the moment of weakness, I compare with narcissistic action. I have a haunting feeling that we do not use up available information, forms, materials and etc. We do not drain them off. If comes out of my hands a drawing in the form of Artwork it means I did’t find a better deci-sion or had too much wine or it is funny.

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Information about artworks:
Title: Relationships
Date of create: 2014
Technique: silkscreen, marker, collage

Prof. R. Kpežinskas was the head of Graphics department for ten years. I was appointed in this position lately. In comparison with him I am a child. R. Kepežinskas is honoured with the Lithuanian National Award for Culture and Arts and he is well known calligrapher and book illustrator. I created a series of prints and asked him to draw a tool in my hand with which he would like to be killed as the head of the department (he hated this role). There is no even the slightest chance that such works may have appear in any other department of Vilnius Academy of Arts. Our students say that everything is from a big love.

Curriculum Vitae