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Marija Marcelionytė-Paliukė

Doodles. Way to memorize hostile information

Qualification upgrading seminars. Eight hours each. Colored pencils, ballpoint pen, paper (22,5 x 32 cm). 2018.

According to the requirements of the European Union, artists working in higher education institutions, Academies, must improve their qualifications constantly. I attended 16 seminars/trainings on a wide range of topics in 2018 for eg: Self-representation. Creating Identity; Marketing (Market Analysis Training); Creating a startup; Social Business; Self-organization, time and task planning. Formulation and realization of personal goals; Artworks sales; Traditional and digital marketing tools; Project management training, etc. Each seminar/training lasted 8 hours. After a sincere attempt to be a ‘good’ listener and participant, I had a controversy with the organizers for the one-sidedness of the information, its non-adaptability to the cultural and artistic context, time consuming and repetitive mobile games so called ‘innovative learning techniques’. Under the contract signed with the project initiating agency, I was required to undergo all trainings, although I clearly stated the reason why I could not devote so much time to something I did not believe in and the doubting in benefit. In fact, in retrospect, some of the training was really great, informative, and most importantly, a few people met during the trainings became friends. But that does not detract from the fact that you had to find time gap in your life for 16 times for 8 hours and spend it in the same chair, the same cabinet. I had to find a way to survive, not argue with the trainers and even memorize and learn something. About the 4th workshop I started doodling and everything worked out! I even started looking forward to seminars as a unique opportunity to draw for 8 hours. And the best thing, doodling helped me to absorb unfriendly information and even more – to transform it into a good practice.

Part of the Doodles collection is presented in this exhibition.



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