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Marek Ciszkowski

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My name is Marek Ciszkowski, I’m 24. I started my artistic education in art school in Łomża named after Wojciech Kossak. My profile was workshop graphics. I studied industrial design for 1 year. I think that it inspired my later drawing. Currently I am a student of 3rd year of scuplture in Academy of fine arts in Gdańsk. I had no exibitions yet. In my drawing im trying to focus on construction of human body. I believe that we are made of circles in every detail. Circles are crossing, touching eachother, sometimes they are even outside, but thir edges form our bodies. Batique is kind of a jump back. This technique accompanied me since i was a child and it always fascinated me. I resigned from using original dyes in favour of ink to evolve it into faster and more drawing way.