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Mall Nukke

Mall Nukke Mall Nukke Mall Nukke

Mall Nukke (born in 1964) is a graphic artist and a painter. In Estonia she is mostly known as a collage artist. She has created acrylic and oil paintings, pencil and charcoal drawings, and graphic fine art pieces. She obtained MA degree as a graphic artist at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 1992. Mall Nukke likes to stress that the ideas that her works are build on are really simple. Moreover, she has also made a statement that she uses to work on an art piece with ‘cool head and open heart’. At times she seems to prefer rather the views of idealists than rationalists, usually trying to improve the world. Mall Nukke started her career as an artist in 1991 and had since 38 personal exhibitions in Estonia, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, France, and Italy. Her works belong to the art collections of the Art Museum of Estonia, Tartu Art Museum, art collection of a noted philanthropist George Soros, and other art collections around the world.

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