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Kaisu Koivisto


The common denominators of Kaisu Koivisto’s installations, drawings and photographs are history, memory and the ways in which traces and objects from the past are present in the here and now, reminders of changes happening in the world. As she draws on old maps she emphasizes that maps are charged, political objects. The modest pieces of printed matter bear history. The relationship between natural phenomena and technologies is an ongoing subject of exploration for Kaisu Koivisto. She investigates the intersections of nature and culture and the modes in which mankind harnesses and exploits – or attempts to control – natural phenomena. How do we look at animals and nature? How is the impact of technologies visible in the environment? Koivisto’s topics are often closely knitted with the materials she employs: waste materials produced by a society of excess. An undercurrent of uncertainties tinges her works. Intriguing, beautiful materials and images have a seductive aesthetic. It attracts the spectator, who gradually perceives other meanings – the dark side of stories – than one can see at first glance. Kaisu Koivisto´s work have been shown for instance in the following institutions: Museo Hendrik Christian Andersen, Rome; Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki; Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid; PS 1, New York; Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia; Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Galleria Sculptor, Helsinki; Pori Art Museum, Pori. Kaisu Koivisto (b.1962) has studied at the University of Art and Design Helsinki (MFA) and at the University of Helsinki. She lives in Helsinki, Finland.