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Born in 1955. Studies in the State Higher School of Fine Arts in Gdansk in Poland at the Faculty of Painting, Graphics and Sculpture, diploma in 1981 in sculpture. In the area of visual arts I work with sculpture, drawing, computer graphics, animation and film. My sculptural realisations in marble, granite and wood are exhibited in permanent open space galleries in Finland, France, Israel, Germany, Italy and Sweden. A search for and the subsequent discovery of the new is a consequence of creative unrest. A decade of moving between the two currents that interest me – the first of which I called ”touching the matter” and second ”building the contexts” – has passed. The inner need for constant changes that accompanies the fascination with numerous disciplines provided the impulse and the faith in the sense of acquiring the knowledge pertaining to the areas foreign to art because of the one aim – a search for the methods of visualisation that could rise to the challenge and make the artistic message readable.