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Ewa Janus

Born in 1964. Studies in the Sculpture Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, graduated in 1991 in the studio of prof. Stefan Borzęcki. In 1994–1995 a scholarship holder of the Italian government at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. A research and didactic employee at her home university, currently leads a diploma sculpture studio. She cooperates in the realization of national and international art projects such as the Cross Border Network of History and Arts where is co-leader international design and art workshops – paper art. Editor of monographs and texts on art. In the years 2008-2014 she was a member of the Program Council of the Center of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko. Member and co-founder of the Association of Creators of Science and Culture ”Episteme” and ”Disputationes Academicae”. The main areas of artistic practice: small sculptural form, medals, drawing. Participant of numerous individual and group exhibitions.

Contemporary drawing explores material and mental space and conducts a dialogue with the recipient. It creates a graphic register using various visual means related to emotions and thinking. The original language of drawing requires constant uncertainty and verification, while at the same time it needs clearly defined intentions. There are no two identical drawings, this is a unique value in the age of multiplication.