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Alexander Frohberg

4-Oberflachenphanomene-78-x-55-cm-offsetlitho-and-crayon 3-Flags-in-the-Wind-var-III-66-x-52-cm-offsetalgraphy-fotolithography-monotype 2-Goldene-Zeiten-var-I-76-x-64-cm-fotolithograph-and-crayon 1-F116-(control)-2parts-100-x-140-cm-offsetlitho-hydrography-monotype-crayon 0-Chapter-XI-EroffnungKIT

Alexander Frohberg deals with techniques of classical traditional lithography as well as with intermedial experimental media and their combination. The original images of his personal archive get processed digitally, exposed to lithographic stone or lithographic aluminum plates and then printed. Even in the various stages of the reproductive process the former image of reality gets into a transformation. The images overlapping personal impressions, history and also common daily news. Filtered and distorted they come out black on white. The following hydrographic and monotypic revision is aesthetic appropriation and coverage of the putative information at the same time. The interplay of additive and subtractive imagerecording between information and its reproduction, discribes the elusiveness of information flow. The discrepancy between reality and its transmission in the image is enhanced by artificial alienation and reinforced by the graphic overlay, which gets underlined and as well covered through gestural painting or drawings of cryptic statements, interaction or installation. I this way traditional media are facing visions in the context of contemporary problems.

Curriculum Vitae